"but the frost was good..." VIDEO PUBLISHED


In order to keep the amount of produced energy constant, we need new adaptive systems which can react to the changing settings of energy resources. Food is our tool to emphasize the notion of temporality and by that the necessity for new responsive systems which could increase the efficiency of daily energy production and consumption.

What if edibles are actually designed by the immediate surrounding environment?

The Permanently Temporary_edible experiment investigates the translation of constantly changing weather data into edible objects. By the use of sensors – placed in the urban environment – we can formulate an immediate data cloud which would be processed through a predefined algorithm chain to actuate the cooking process.

Our aim is to produce a catalogue of tastes which represent the different states of produced energy in time and space. It does not only provide a new reading tool for changing weather conditions but also creates visual matrices specific to the sensed locations.


thanks to Vorbrenner, Magdalena Dreschke, Oscar Germes-Castro, Vera Wiedermann, Martin Hablesreiter, Galo Moncayo

Photo by Christa Pertl / Lachsgrau


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