The Value ATLAS_1st physical meeting

After several skype sessions in the last 6 month we finally managed to meet in Vienna and discuss our research agenda. The project investigates the notion of spatial temporality. It proposes a new vocabulary, a tool for communicating spatial values and dynamics beyond the notions of public and private.

VR in your Mind — The use of VR in Psychology "VR’s attribute of “tricking” our brain and making our mind and body behave as if what we’re seeing is real has proven to be an effective tool for the mental health industry. VR is allowing mental health professionals to assess, understand, and treat many conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, and phobia (just to name a few!), also making psychological treatment accessible, adaptable, and affordable for a lot more people. In this edition of VRVienna, we will learn more about this fascinating topic through the research and projects of professionals who are currently exploring the possibilities of what VR can offer in the field of psych

PIPE milling

After 20 years of preparing pipes for my father finally i am on the way to get the first "smokable" one... thanks to Lisa;)

new tech meetup BP - RingAir - Understand and Monitor Your City's Environmental Quality Arina Matvejeva With the use of trendy portable devices (smart bells), we collect data on air quality real time, store BigData on BlockChain and stream it for the public, enacting the citizens' right for clean air and contributing to the Smart City environment. - - egy új, kísérleti transpiler Koczka Tamás OneLang egy új transpiler vagy másnéven source-to-source compiler, ami segít forráskódot átalakítani egy forrás programozási nyelv szintaxisáról egy másik, cél nyelv sz

New kids on the block (IOA - sliver) with Markus Innauer (Innauer Matt Architekten) Quirin Krumbholz (Madame Architects) Christoph Monschein (O.H.A Studio) Peter Pichler (Peter Pichler Architecture) Andres Schenker (Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten) The fifth cluster will introduce “recent” graduates who only in a short period of time were able to establish themselves successfully as a practice. They have contributed with built work to our environment and culture, and are peer models for younger generations. The session will investigate and discuss models of practice and challenges that young practices face today. How did the academic environment contribute to their status

Towards the expanded field... SUPER INTERESTING LECTURES ON THE 7TH: discussions about the message of the medium when it comes to virtual reality. notes: -Where is my body? -Is it architecture? -Concept of infinity -where is the copyright of the architect? drawing vs construction Lecture 01: By Constantinos Miltiadis -Margaret Wertheim -Bernhard Riemann -videogames are sold more than movies -Henry Jenkins - Game design as narrative architecture -there are things which can not be build- could we still experience them? -Diana Gagnon : video games and spatial skills -Games: Scanner Sombre - u see what it scans -Portal -Antichamber -Howard Gardner: theory of multiple intellige

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