VIENNA EXHIBITION "but the frost was good" with our @temporaryedibles

On the 5th of november we host the second banquet of the tpt-edible or TEMPORARYEDIBLES series. facebook event! After an exquisite inaugural banquet in Innsbruck, we are glad to bring "but the froth was good" to Vienna. Come join us to celebrate the permanence of temporality where you will experience tastes of the weather! Over several courses we will discover some unique and intriguing tastes throughout our sensory catalogue. 18:30 - 23:00, 5 December 2018 Gutenberggasse 1, 1070 Vienna Hosted by SAGAN Vienna - In order to keep the amount of produced energy constant, we need new adaptive systems which can react to the changing settings of energy resources. Food is our tool to emphasize the n

'Sim' teacher's meeting in Liechtenstein

To prepare for the last session of the 'society in motion' workshop series, the teacher team: CORNELIA FAISST(uni Lie) CLARISSA RHOMBERG( uni Lie) CECILIE ANDERSSON (bas) CHRISTIAN VICTOR PALMER(bas) ANTON FALKEIS (angewandte) VIKI SANDOR (angewandte) Got together for a short meeting in Liechtenstein, Vaduz

Tpt WINS Superscape 18 award

'but the froth was good" TPT-edibles banquet In INNSBRUCK

After 1 week of intense preparation we have performed the tpt-edible banquet in BRUX (Freies Theater Innsbruck). The banquet with its 4 acts offered the opportunity to taste the weather of Innsbruck, Vienna and Budapest. Starter: Pumpkin soup Main dish: Broccoli, beetroot puree Dessert: blueberry cheescake Coctail: Mochito The previously recorded weather data (by arduino and adafruit) was used to define the proportion of the different course ingredients. The menu included 6 different taste combinations of each course which the guest could rate according to their own preferences.

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