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AAG 20 - Complex Collapsible Structure WS with Matthew Tam

Complex Collapsible Spatial Structures (CCSS)

Workshop description:

Keywords:Temporality, collapsible structure, mobile architecture, responsive spaces

The goal of the workshop is to explore and discuss new strategies for designing fabrication ready collapsible spatial structures. We will combine workflows between multiple parametric and digital design tools in new ways (grasshopper, Karamba3D, wasp, etc.) in order to generate a catalogue (large variety) of collapsible but self-supporting structures.

The collapsibility of the structures will be achieved by using 3d tessellating collapsible cylinder units, so-called zonogon tubes. Zonogon tubes, as well as the miura-tachi cylinder have been objects of investigation for years in the fields of engineering and design. Their rigid foldable properties in combination with their continuously closed surfaces (bellows) make them unique.

Over the two days, participants - architects, designers who are familiar with grasshopper and parametric design thinking - will design and classify small scale spatial elements (seating furniture) by aggregating and optimizing a basic rigid-foldable tubular module. Participants will be introduced to the proposed design method as well as the necessary software tools, customized by the tutors. The focus of the workshop will remain in the digital realm, however with the learned tools one will be able to design and fabricate the resulting furniture with readily available sheet material.

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