Creative Exchange 2018, Ljubljana "Creative Exchange is a European gathering for architecture and design lovers and professionals." on picture: lecturer: Strecko Horvat (Philosopher and political activist, HR) No Future = No Architecture!

BIOECONOMY Impact 2018

“Bioeconomy Impact 2018 is the final meeting of the CommBeBiz project. This three-year European funded project set out to explore methods by which the commercial and innovation world can better support the Bioeconomy researcher. During the project, we have gained much experience that helps us to bring together the capabilities and knowledge to speed up innovation. The CommBeBiz team looks forward to welcoming you to Budapest.”

SIM meeting

The 'Society in Motion' workshop series 2nd phase just started in Vienna. The upcoming workshop: Shaping Logics of transition - grafted in Vienna will take place this summer ( 2018 ). meeting participants: Clarissa Rhomberg, Cornelia Faisst, Anton Falkeis, Viki Sandor previous workshop Blog :

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