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Towards the expanded field...

SUPER INTERESTING LECTURES ON THE 7TH: discussions about the message of the medium when it comes to virtual reality.


-Where is my body?

-Is it architecture?

-Concept of infinity

-where is the copyright of the architect? drawing vs construction

Lecture 01: By Constantinos Miltiadis

-Bernhard Riemann

-videogames are sold more than movies

-there are things which can not be build- could we still experience them?

-Games: Scanner Sombre - u see what it scans

Lecture 02: by Prof. Stephan Günzel (BTK Berlin)

-space does not need to be actualized in order to be real

-space .. turns to images -- tries to act as space

-media = extension of man ( limited: sound, visual)

-space = audiophenomena?? - Sphere

- visual limits ( directionality)

- the medium can become the content.. medium is the massage

-parralel worlds, escaping to the virtual?

- what is the message of the medium?

experimental and interdisciplinary approaches to immaterial spatiotemporal environments 7-9 of March, Haus der Architektur, Graz Virtual reality and spatial audio technologies bring about a new paradigm in the fields of architecture and music. While defying classification, works developed in these media extend our spatial and auditory sensibilities beyond what is perceivable in the physical world. Can we regard them however as architecture and music, or are they foreign to their origins? Architect Constantinos Miltiadis and composer and sound artist Gerriet K. Sharma will present their investigations and exhibit works on virtual navigable environments and sculptural spatial audio. The event intends to initiate a discussion on the nature of such explorations, in parallel to the nature and future of music and architecture in the expanded field. Constantinos Miltiadis is an architect and computational designer, currently an assistant professor at the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz. His research and teachings are focused on the architectural qualities and aesthetic potential of virtual navigable environments. Gerriet K. Sharma is a composer and sound artist, currently an artistic researcher in the OSIL project at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics of KU Graz and Edgard Varèse guest-professor at TU Berlin. His work is focused on sculptural composition in complex loudspeaker environments and space as a cultural key concept in the now. with the participation of: Prof. Stephan Günzel (BTK Berlin), Antonia Manhartsberger and Paul Wolff (IEM KUG), Philip Sattler, Valentin Moster and Lukas Gosch (IAM TU Graz) graphic design: Achilleas Xydis concept & organisation: Constantinos Miltiadis

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